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Tibetan Children's Villages (TCV) is an integrated community in exile for the care and education of orphans, destitutes and children recently arrived from Tibet. It is a registered, non profit charitable institution with its main organization based in Dharamsala, North India. TCV has many branches spread across India with over 18,000 children under its care.

TCV Handicraft-Cum-Vocational Training Centres

Preservation and promotion of Tibetan arts and crafts is one vital component of TCV's cultural education programme. To give concrete education in arts and craft and to help seek gainful employment opportunities for young artists and craftsmen in exile, the need for "Handicraft Training Centre" became a must. Thus TCV Handicraft and training centres were established, first in Dharamsala in 1974 and later in Ladakh and Patlikuhl. Today, the Handicraft and Vocational Training Centres are administratively autonomous bodies within the overall TCV organization, directly accountable to the central coordinating office. The Centres have produced more than 1000 skilled tailors, artists and craftsmen and have employed more than 200 staffs and co-workers.

With increasing number of similar centres coming up in the community especially for the training purposes, our handicraft centres are slowly concentrating more on commercial activities and opportunities. We have divided our work into "Training" and "Business" sections in order to facilitate better management, with the latter concerned more with production and commercial operations and former on Training alone.


TCV handicraft centres are proud of their achievements, be it in the field of providing education to the children or in the preservation and promotion of Tibetan cultural heritage. Our centres have become not only financially self sufficient but are also able to contribute their share of income to the mother organization. The centres take pride in the fact that over the years it has produced hundreds of artists and craftsmen who are serving the society today. Many of the centres' top graduates are currently serving as master craftsmen in various handicraft centres in India and Nepal. Our handicraft centres also give training and provide job placements for new arrivals from Tibet who are too old to go to school or get an instant job. The centre at Dharamsala alone has trained 700 students in various trades to date. With intensive training and high demand on quality works from its trainees, the TCV Handicraft centres have fulfilled their objective of preserving Tibetan cultural heritage in the best possible way. Furthermore, the works of the centres are frequently displayed at various international museums and exhibitions.

Trade Information (Aid Through Trade)

We have a large selection of traditional Tibetan handicraft items-meticulous handmade and other items used in Tibetan religious rituals and daily chores. As a manufacturer and exporter, we offer only the quality works that have conformed to our standards and specifications. This is in keeping with the strict tradition of blending artistry and functionality in a harmonious manner. There are as many as 74,400 knots in a square metre or 48 knots in a square inch with pile of 10 mm of pure wool and it takes 120 hours to weave one square metre. We give useful information and guidance to our clients so that they get the best deal for their money. All our patrons are welcome to visit our showrooms in Dharamsala, and get help on trade and any other information.