How to place an order

As and when you wish to purchase our products which you see on the website, please compile a list of product code numbers and email them to the TCV sales office via the contact us page.  You will then be contacted via email by the General Manager, TCV Handicraft.  Through this correspondance, your order can be further tailored to your satisfaction and details of payment can be finalised.


The payments can be made through Foreign Cash, Banker's Cheques and Bank Transfers.

Foreign Cash
The customer can directly make the payment at TCV Handicraft-cum-Vocational Training Centre's Office in person or through other persons.

Banker's Cheques
The cheque should be drawn in the name of "TCV Enterprises Limited" and sent to the following address by registered mail:
The General Manager
TCV Handicrafts-cum-Vocational Training CentreDharamsala Cantt.
District Kangra
HP 176216

Bank Transfers
Please use the following bank details to make the transfer payment:

State Bank of India (0634)
Kotwali Bazaar Branch
HP 176215

Bank Account No: 34215058332


Swift Code: SBININBB277

IFS Code: SBIN0000634

For further information, please contact us.


The goods personally selected from available stock can be shipped within a week. If in case, particular goods are to be made as per customer's specification it will take about two weeks to three months time depending upon the nature and volume of the goods.

Air Freight (Cargo)

There is no weight limit. The freight will reduce as the weight increases. There is substantial reduction in rate above 500 kgs. The freight can be prepaid or paid at the destination.

Sea Freight (Cargo)

There is no weight limit. The freight will be charged according to weight or volume of the package. There is not much freight advantage for small shipments by sea, but for large shipments which are above 1000 kgs., the freight advantage is substantial.

Air Mail

The maximum weight limit is 20 kgs. per package. Air mail charges must be prepaid.

SAL Mail

The maximum weight limit is 20 kgs. per package. SAL charges must be prepaid.

Sea Mail

The maximum weight limit is 20 kgs by sea mail. For New Zealand, Hongkong, and Malaysia the maximum weight limit is 10 kgs only. Sea mail charges must be prepaid.



We provide a very cheap courier service through our Private Courier Network. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

 NOTE: Packing, forwarding, registration and documentation charges will be extra:

 Packaging charges for each parcel                                                     Rs. 500/-

 Forwarding and Documentation charges for each invoice            Rs. 250/-

 Registration charges for each invoice                                                Rs. 50/-